Hi there.

We’re Paige Paquette and Ceci Stallsmith of Calyx Consulting. Here’s where we write about the world of developer platforms and APIs.

We’ll cover topics like…

  • Cultivating a developer ecosystem 

  • Thinking through marketplace taxonomies 

  • Creating partner/system integrator programs and co-marketing plays 

  • Driving adoption of the platform; fuelling the platform flywheel 

  • Establishing a developer-first brand, voice and tone

  • Building a developer content strategy

  • Developer experience: documentation, onboarding, swag…

  • Community: Which programs to invest in; how to measure success 

  • Up-skilling your team to understand developer/technical audiences 

  • Scaffolding the ideal org structure to power it all

We’d love to hear from you. Reach out @CeciStalls and @PaigePaquette.

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Paige Paquette

I help companies grow vibrant developer ecosystems at Calyx. Say hi @paigepaquette.

Ceci Stallsmith

Helping companies build winning platforms at Calyx Consulting. Former Slack, BVP, Box.